Freight Service Charter

Freight Service Charter

Service Charter

1. Licences

Third-Party Road Freight Service is exerted based on regulations set forth by the relevant National Trade Association where LineaBlu is registered under no. BO 3712674 D.
Our drivers are all licensed as Transport Service Operators in their regions. CB radio communication is authorized by the Ministry of Communication, licence no. 325680/REG.
Access to the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) in Bologna is authorized by Postal Service General Licence and Individual Licence no. AUG 000531 2000, issued by the Ministry of Communication.

2. Quality Management System

Linea Blu is compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

3. Booking

Requests for the Freight Service are to be forwarded to the operational desk either by phone, fax and mail, or online via this website.
Booking forms can contain Your order no., your name or relevant office in charge.
Confirmation follows by mail where the booking no. is mentioned along with all information required for its positive outcome. All information is available online.
To operate correctly and interactively online you will need to access the Customer Area from the home page and follow a simple registration procedure to obtain your own UserId and Password.
From within this reserved area you can monitor your order status and modify your requests, display information of the truck and the driver assigned, view the final service quotation. Also you can download CSV files for statistics.
Freight Insurance.
All freight services are covered by insurance againts theft and damage of the load, money and valuables in general, up to a maximum interest of €uro 25.822,84=; except in case freight is made on account of couriers or forwarders which are not owners of the goods loaded.
Freight can be insured for higher values provided that a prior notice plus proper evidence are given.

4. Modifications and Extras

In the event that a modification of the route or an unexpected wait are requested, the customer ordering the service is immediately contacted for authorization to proceed. Here changes to the agreed quotation, if any, are calculated including extras.

5. Rescheduling

Whenever the date and/or time of the service booked needs to be revised, availability is subject to specific confirmation by Linea Blu. Should the service booked be cancelled, Linea Blu reserves the right to charge in part or in whole the service price, as provided by the contract with the ordering party.
The Freight Service starts off when the vehicle leaves the garage.

6. Warranties

Unless otherwise agreed or stated by contract, a deposit amounting to 25%  of the quotation always applies whenever a truck is booked, both M/N/O/P group (all) or I/L group (8 hours minimum); the balance to be paid by the beginning of service.

7. Invoicing

Several different types of billing can be chosen from: a) invoice issued per single service, or for more services based on the order, the person requesting the service or the relevant office in charge; b) invoice issued separately by service rendered (transfer, dispositions, travels, etc.); c) summary invoice issued per period of time (weekly or monthly).

8. Credit Card Payment

Linea Blu accepts and appreciates all major credit cards and pos cards, upon advance notice by the customer.

9. Contracts

When a contract for continued and specially designed service is in force, Linea Blu not necessarily or only partially requests application of the warranties expressed at point 6) above. Also the payment terms and conditions for the service rendered are agreed between the parts.

10. Privacy

Personal information provided will only be used for the purpose of fulfilling requests and in compliance with Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree no.196/2003 (Italian privacy code). Data controller and owner is Linea Blu Soc. Coop. with registered office in via Ferrarese 37, I-40013 Castel Maggiore Bologna (BO) (IT).

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